30 different types of carry bags to pair with your outfits!

Carry bags are especially important since they help us carry our everyday stuff. These are especially useful in carrying groceries along with many other things. These can be made up of various materials, the polythene bag being the most common one. In alignment to the ‘no plastic’ agenda that the country is implementing, here are 30 different types of carry bags, all made up of cotton, to pair fashionably with your outfits:

Whale print:

The whale print looks cutesy and is very trendy to own!

‘NO TO PLASTIC’ type print:

In compliance to the “NO TO PLASTIC”, slogans like these are some of the best types of carry bags.

Dragon fly print:

The dragonfly print is unique and very uncommon to find!

Quote but in squiggle print:

Quotes in squiggles are the most aesthetic of prints to find in types of carry bags.

Cute animal doodles:

Animal doodles are very popular, and look very cute and aesthetic. It is one of the best types o carry bags.

Natural in pastel print:

These are the most common and aesthetic kind of prints to be available on carry bags.

Marvel (Pride edition):

Bringing MARVEL with queer solidarity, this carry bag is a must to own!

Botanical journal aesthetic:

The botanical journal aesthetic looks absolutely appealing and very pleasing to look at.

Good Vibes print:

“GOOD VIBES” is one of the most popular Pinterest aesthetic prints ever, and is much liked by most.

Tropical print:

The tropical print is lively, fresh and exotic to look at, and are the perfect types of carry bags for vacations.

Trippy aesthetic print:

The trippy print is always in demand because of its aesthetic appearance.

‘WOMEN’ print:

The “WOMEN” centric print is very refreshing and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Hearts aesthetic print:

It is one of the most Pinterest-y print in this entire list, and looks very pretty.

Animated kitty print:

One of the most cutest types of carry bags in this list, this carry bag fits the kawaii aesthetic perfectly.

Line art print:

The line art print looks very sophisticated and put together.

‘Fox in rain’ print:

Probably one of the best prints in this entire list, and one of the personal favourites, this carry bag is one of a kind.

Cottage core doodle print:

This cottage core carry bag has a touch of whimsical witchcraft to oomph it up.

Art hoe aesthetic print:

Artistic in approach, this carry bag is unique and uses black areas to create more volume.

Lazy cat print:

The lazy cat print is one of the cutest prints here, and a much favourited among the general people.

Converse hanging print:

The converse hanging is a subject of much photography and art, and for it to be printed in a carry bag is only natural.

Cow print:

The cow print is one of the most aesthetic of prints on this list, and is very popular amongst the buyers.

Alphabet (J) print:

The alphabet carry bag has a touch of trendy vibe to it.

Meme print:

Meme prints are the most popular type of carry bags print and makes one seem dope and somewhat trendy.

Kawaii Cacti print:

The cacti print looks cute and is one of the best types of carry bags.

The Japanese wave print:

The Japanese wave is one of the best prints to ever exist and has been reproduced in a lot of different ways, even in merch like clothing and carry bags.

Michangelo print:

The Renaissance style Michelangelo print is very popular and is very aesthetic.

Graphic prints:

Graphic prints are often customisable and hence people often use these types of carry bags.

Face line art print:

It is one of the most popular print here, and with The Fault in our Stars reference, it is a hit.

Ghibli print:

The Ghibli prints are much in demand, and very popular amongst the weeb community.

Monstera leaf print:

This print looks aesthetically pleasing, and is much in demand.


On estimation, it was found out that the carbon emission of one usage of a plastic/polythene bag equals that of 120 usages of a cotton bag. It is important to explore environment friendly options when it comes to items like carry bags that we tend to use in our everyday life.

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