30 different ways on how to style a chikankari saree

Chikankari is a very delicate and intricate shadow work type of embroidery. Initially, the embroidery was done using white yarn, on colorless muslins known as tanzeb. However, today, georgette, chiffon, cotton and other fine fabrics are also being used. From being an embellishment used primarily for decorating clothes, the most popular are probably chikankari sarees. Here are 30 different ways on how to style a chikankari ssaree:

Traditional draping:

Traditional saree wrapping is the classic style that anyone can opt for.

Flowers in hair:

Flowers in hair are the best kind of accessory to style a chikankari saree.

Stone studded jewelry:

Stone studded jewelry are one of the best accessories that can accompany a traditional look, especially with this beautiful lavender chikankari saree.

Cleavage peek blouse:

Cleavage peek blouses are the rage, especially for people who are learning to be confident of themselves. The split bell sleeves also add a nice touch here.

Golden accessory with stone embellishments:

These accompany a chikankari saree perfect and are the most preferred amongst all others.

Full sleeved T-shirt blouse:

The full sleeved T-shirt blouses look modernistic, aesthetic and very stylish when paired with a chikankari saree.

Paired with a full choker set:

Chokers compliment any traditional looks, and is one of the best ways to style a chikankari saree.

Silver costume jewelry:

Silver costume jewelries look absolutely stunning when paired with chikankari sarees.

Seedha pallu wrapping style:

The seedha pallu wrapping style is predominantly a Gujrati style of wrapping sarees, and here, looks absolutely one of the best ways to style chikankari sarees.

Paired with a belt:

Belts are used often to sinch sarees at the waist and make it appear more sleek.

Beaded choker:

A beaded choker looks rustic and gives the saree an even more aesthetic appeal.

Puff sleeved blouse:

A puffed sleeved blouse looks really aesthetic and many opt for these now.

Pearl accessories:

Pearl accessories are the best kind to style chikankari sarees, because they are versatile like the very same chikankari sarees.

Ruffle sleeved blouse:

A ruffle sleeved blouse looks playful and beautiful, and is one of the more popular ways to style chikankari sarees.

Golden satement earrings:

Golden statement earrings are beautiful in their own ways, and when paired with chikankari sarees, they amp up the entire look.

Halter style blouse:

As Sobhita Dhulipala as sported, a halter style blouse looks absolutely perfect to style chikankari sarees.

Head accessories:

Head accessories amp up the entire look, giving it a divine touch.

Self work blouse:

A light saree goes well with an intricately designed blouse, to balance out the aesthetic appeal.

Golden and pearl together in jewelry:

Golden and pearl together in jewelry look absolutely stunning when paired with chikankari sarees.

Noodle strap blouses:

Noodle strap blouses are very popular amongst the customers, and is a customer favourited way of styling chikankari sarees.

Handpainted contrasting blouse:

These blouses look bright and beautiful against chikankari solid colour sarees, and is one of the best ways to amp and style chikankari sarees.

Shoulder peep blouse:

This unique blouse design is very attractive and beautiful, and look great paired with the complimentary chikankari saree.

Velvet blouse:

A velvet blouse looks rich and regal when paired with a chikankari saree, especially in contrasting colours.

Georgette ruffle sleeved blouse:

This is one of the most aesthetic looks given in this entire list of how to style chikankari sarees.

Simple pearls:

Simple pearls seem simplistically beautiful, and do wonders for the overall look.

Same colour deep neck blouse:

Deep necked blouses look gorgeous with a chikankari saree and is the most preferred neckline when making one of the latter.

Contrasting kalamkari blouse:

The contasting kalamkari blouse gives an altogether different rooted vibe to the entire pure look.

Minimalist jewelry:

Minimalist jewelry are THE trend now, and they are one of the best ways to style chikankari sarees.

Half georgette sleeve blouse:

This brilliantly designed blouse is the perfect creative twist while styling chikankari sarees.


Matching belts do wonders for the look. Unlike the previous one in the list, where the pallu was tucked almopst 5to the style of a dress, the pallu here is left out flowy.


A chikankari saree must always be dry cleaned for the first wash. For subsequent washes, if dry cleaning is not possible, hand washing in cold water with soap or silk-suitable detergent or baby shampoo is suitable. Always air dry the saree in shade. Never wring the sari or use it in the washing machine or dryer.

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