30 types of leggings that every girl should own in her wardrobe

Leggings are several types of leg attire that have varied through the years. They are a part of the late 2010s into the 2020s athleisure fashion trend of wearing activewear outside sporting activities and in casual settings. Given here are 30 types of leggings that every girl should own in her wardrobe:

Black with side stripes:

These are the classic and one of the most popular types of leggings in use.

Neon print:

Neon prints in leggings look fashionable and are worn by many.

Black, red and white:

These look sporty but are as comfortable as loungewear.

Character print:

These come in many prints and are absolutely adorable.

Bright pink:

The pink looks absolutely awesome when worn in a monochrome outfit.

Extraterrestrial tentacle print:

This print is very ‘alien’-istic and looks absolutely cool!

With garter add-ons:

These are one of the best types of leggings, with the garter add-ons giving an emo/grungecore vibes.

Dad jokes print:

This is most definitely a loungewear to sit with and giggle at!

Floral skeleton print:

These look really pretty and are one of the best types of leggings in the list.

Sky blue:

These are pretty and comfortable; what more does one want?

Blue and pink water colour print:

These are stylish and look really aesthetic.

Waxing moon print:

The moon prints are great and give off a witchcore vibe!

Grey-pink ombre:

These look really great as gym wear and are extremely comfortable.

Black part sheer:

These are really aesthetic and definitely one of the best leggings in the entire list!

Mint green and white combo:

This combination looks refreshing and aesthetically pleasing to look at.


This print is extremely gothicly beautiful to look at.


Really in trend, these leggings look really squeaky stylish.

Grey crumble print:

The grey crumble print looks very charming and the wear is really comfortavle.

Warm colours:

These can even be paired under a lot of outfits because of its nice colour combination.

Inky tentacle print:

These are the best type of leggings and look really gorgeous.


These are warm, aesthetically pleasing and really beautiful as a gymwear.


The colour is sophisticated and posh, making the entre outfit come together.

Tropical in bnw:

These are fun and chill to wear and look really pretty when paired right.

Fish scale:

The fish scale print is one of the best leggings found and look really sleek in comparison to all other prints.

Black splatters in white:

Black splatters in white are abstract and look like a sophisticated piece of art.

Solid grey:

Solid greys are the staple types of leggings to ever exist.

Pink ombre:

These look cute and chic to be paired with outfits.

Anime one-leg print:

This print is very kawaii and is sure to be a much favourite of the weebs 😉

Space print:

Tis print is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and is one of the best types of leggings in this list.

Dragon print:

This looks and feels super aesthetic with its dragon fine prints, and is one of the best types of leggings included in this list.


Leggings are comfortable and easily affordable and hence a much favourite choice in bottomwear.

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