30 types of shoes that every girl should own to look trendy!

A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot,, along with decoration and fashion. The design of shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture, with form originally being tied to function. Fashion has often dictated many design elements, and contemporary footwear varies widely in style, complexity and cost. Given here are 30 types of shoes that every girl should own to look trendy:

Kitten heels:

Kitten heels are small, yet provide some lift to the one wearing it, and is comparatively easier to walk in than pencil heels.

Doc Martens:

One of the most popular and aesthetic types of shoes in the list, it is one of the most favourited type lately.

Ballerina flats:

These look pretty and are quite comfortable for regular outings as well.

Ankle boots:

Ankle boots look classy and are fashionable in all sense. It is one of the best types of shoes.


These are very comfortable and can be worn regularly by anyone regardless of their age.


Always the evergreen choice in footwear, it is simple, stylish and one of the best types of shoes for women.


Stilettos look the most feminine and are a hearted footwear amongst women to look sharp.


These are cutesy to look at and very fashionable when paired with the right kind of outfit.


Gumshoes, or converse, look casual yet aesthetic, and are one of the best types of shoes.


Best for any formal event, Oxford are great especially for days when one feels more masc than femme.


Wedges are amongst the most comfortable types of heels, and look very classy.

Lita boots:

Lita boots look especially gothic core beautiful and are really a must have because of its haunting beauty. It is one of the best types of shoes in this list.


These are great as formal wear, but look good even in semi-formal wears.


Sneakers are amongst the most versatile and look good paired with almost anything. They are comfortable to wear and hardy enough to last.

Gladiator sandals:

Gladiator sandals have a very charming cottage core aesthetic and look good when paired with sundresses.


Crocs are one of the most popular types of shoes amongst every age group, regardless of their gender.

Mary Jane flats:

With a school shoe like effect, Mary Jane shoes are popular for their simplicity and sophistication.

Peep toe heels:

Peep toe heels give a cute edge to the normal types of heels, and look great paired with short skirts.


These sliders are amongst the most beautiful ones to be found in the list, and are comfortable on their own.

Platform heels:

Platform heels are one of the best types of shoes and heels to be there on the market and look really accentuating.


Gladiators have a Greek edge to them, and look especially good when paired with short length outfits.

Thigh high boots:

Thigh high boots look absolutely phenomenal when paired with short skirts.


These are classy and can be paired with any formal or semi-formal outfits during events.

Ankle strap heels:

Ankle strap heels look really pretty and can be paired with a number of outfits. These are one of the best types of shoes.

Jelly shoes:

Called so because of its appearance, jelly shoes are cute and often worn in casual settings.

Knee high boots:

Knee high boots look sharp, sophisticated and elegnat and are one of the best types of shoes in this list.


Mojris pair up well with ethnic outfits and are stunning in that sense.


Brogues are hardy and classy and preferred by all.

Cowboy shoes:

Another of the hardy shoes, cowboy shoes retain even in rougher terrains.


Amongst the most popular ones, loafers are suitable for men and women alike.


Shoes are a part of who we are. They affect the way we walk, work, and exercise. The right shoe style can make or break an outfit or even an entire day. One must take care to match the perfect shoes to the outfit and to the occasion.

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