Different types of Gota Patti neck designs you need to try

Gota is primarily Lucknow-produced gold and silver lace. The weft yarn in this metallic lace has a metal coating, and the warp yarn is in ribbons of fibres like cotton and polyester. Turbans, rakhis, suits, Juttis, and numerous ethnic outfits all feature Gota Patti. Originally only worn by royal families, the Gota Patti is now much more widely used. The various varieties of Gota Patti include, among others, seekhi, phool, bijiya, mothda, bakhandi, and lappa. Here is a list of Gota Patti neck designs you can try for your dress.

U-neck Gota Patti design

People prefer U-necklines for their suits or kurtas and want to avoid round necks. Because it looks more like the U, the neckline is deep and spherical. Wide-shouldered and curvy women should try the U-neck because it will look tempting. The Gota Patti suit with a deep U-neckline is chosen for events and looks fantastic.

Round neck Gota Patti design

Round neck suit design

One of the most traditional neck shapes is the round neck style. It is versatile and is popular among women of all ages. An elegant choice for your special day is a Gota Patti suit with a round neckline. To emphasise your neck, you can dress with a deep round neck.

Square neck Gota Patti design

Square neck suit design

Classic necklines like the square look good with ethnic clothing like blouses, Kurtis, and gowns. It enhances your neckline and gives you a stunning appearance. It provides a good option to exhibit your neckpiece. Your attractive impression will shine in the event in a Gota Patti suit with a square neck design.

V- neck Gota Patti design

V- neck suit design

The V-neckline has a neck design in the shape of the V and can have either sharp, straight lines or curvy ones. This neckline is ideal for women with pear-shaped body types. Your collarbone and curves highlight you look graceful in this Gotta Patti suit with a v-neck.

Sweetheart neck Gota Patti design

Sweetheart neck suit design

A simple sweetheart neck design is a square neck with a pointed bottom. This neck pattern in the Gota Patti suit is perfect for suits with detailed embroidery and eye-catching dupattas. Its lines may be sharp or slightly curved. Women can wear this neckline in any event.

Paan-shaped neck Gota Patti design

Paan-shaped neck suit design

This neckline has extra curves and looks like a betel leaf or a rounded V. On ethnic suits and Indo-Western designs, it is a sweet style that looks charming. You look stunning because it draws attention to your collarbone. It is best to wear a Gota Patti suit with a paan neck design to radiate.

Boat neck Gota Patti design

Boat neck suit design

Young women tend to prefer the boat neckline style. Although not very deep, the neckline is boat-like and broad at the shoulders. This neck design for a Gota Patti suit is suitable for women who want to show off their shoulders.

Chinese Collar neck Gota Patti design

Chinese Collar neck suit design

A classic style is a Chinese collar neck design. Depending on your preferences, there are numerous variations available. It is stylish and protects your neck from overexposure. Gota Patti suits with a Chinese collar neck design are best to look tempting.

Embroidered high-neck design

The threadwork is the primary feature of an embroidered high-neck suit design. Chinese or plain collars is the base for embroidery pattern. The design on the Gota Patti suits makes the entire dress glow. Earrings can help you look more alluring on your special day.

Close-cut neck Gota Patti design

Close-cut neck Gota Patti design

Among young women, the close-cut neck style is becoming more familiar. Typically, it is rounded or curved with a close-to-neckline cut. A Gota Patti suit with a close-cut neck design enhances your entire appearance on the day of the event.

Angarakha neck Gota Patti design

Angarakha neck Gota Patti design

A popular and classic neckline is the Angarkha wrap neckline. It is wrapped around the body and is attractive on all body types. To improve the entire dress, add potli and moti buttons. This neck design with a Gota Patti suit gives you a chic appearance.

The key-hole style neck Gota Patti design

The key-hole style neck Gota Patti design

Every woman is attracted to the charm of the keyhole neck style. It improves the overall beauty of the dress by attracting focus towards the keyhole design. It is suitable for both casual and formal wear.

High neck design with front slit

High neck design with front slit

A High neck is a popular neckline for formal and ethnic wear. A high neckline with a slit adds style and ease to the dress. The length of the slit can vary according to your preference. It is both concealed yet radiates a fashionable look at the same time.

Gota Patti Closed Collar neck design

Gota Patti Closed Collar neck design

Women often prefer closed collars on suits & Kurtis. Its unique design enhances the overall beauty of the attire. Women can choose this neck style if they don’t want to show their collarbone. You’ll look charming and trendy for your special occasion.

Tassel Neck Gota Patti design

Tassel Neck Gota Patti design

Tassels are a great style that compliments women’s appearance. The tassel neckline is classic that enhances the entire look of the dress. You can wear this dress for casual events with friends and family.

Halter neck Gota Patti design

Halter neck Gota Patti design

Young women have made this halter neckline a new popular fashion. These necklines are common in Indo-western and ethnic clothing. It covers your direct neckline from exposure but highlights shoulders. It is appropriate for wearing to social gatherings like family reunions and festivals.

Scoop Neck Gota Patti Design

round Neck Gota Patti Design

Women with narrow shoulders and a small bust line should wear a salwar with a deep U-neck. The scoop neckline gives one a desirable and attractive appearance. Ethnic jewellery with nicely styled hair can add more beauty to an outfit.

Gota Patti Potli button-neck design

Gota Patti Potli button-neck design

If you want something unique for the neckline, Potli button detailing is an excellent choice. Any basic neck designs with potli buttons are distinctive. It highlights the simple neck structure and makes you shine on the occasion.


Using the checklist of neck designs mentioned above, you can select the neck style that best matches the dress. Every generation of women adores Gota Patti detailing suits. You can put it on for any occasion weddings, festivals, and family reunions. You can dress it up with jewellery, bags and shoes and look enchanting throughout the function.

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