Everything you need to know about Mrunal Panchal!

Mrunal Panchal is one of the top Indian TikTok celebrities and has a knack for makeup tutorials. She is loved and adored for her makeup videos and other lip-sync content. Gujrat based, she moved to Pune when she was in tenth standard. She has partnered with several brands and cosmetic companies for promotion. Therefore, she is anticipated to have a future in the fashion industry. She is a part of the no filter group on Instagram, therefore her videos and posts are always without filters.

Details about her:

  • Birthdate: 11th November, 1999
  • Age: 23 years (as of 2022)
  • Height: 5’4″ or 162 cm (approx)
  • Birthplace: Gujrat
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Nationality: Indian

Personal details:

  • Schooling: St. Francis High School, Gujrat
  • College: Hari Bhai V. Desai College of Commerce, Arts, and Science, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Relationship status: committed; with Anirudh Sharma
  • Marital Status: unmarried
  • Dogs: Grace (late), Leo (late), Princy, Shiro
  • Parents: Mrs. Neeta and Mr. Bharat Panchal
  • Elder sister: Nikhita Panchal

Mrunal Panchal completed her 12th standard in Science stream and wanted to pursue a medical career before she became famous. She met social content creator Anirudh Sharma online, became friends and started dating later on. She keeps her family life details private, is an avid dog lover, and often posts pictures with her family on social media.


None. She does not endorse for beauty brands or watch brands alike, but is often recruited for the advertisements of both.


Around 30 in total:

  • Left forearm: Infinity, with ‘Faith’ written
  • Right forearm: paws
  • Wrist of the left hand: Om
  • Right arm tattoo of an airplane
  • Small finger tattoos
  • Both biceps: arrows
  • Left wristband: ‘Stay Strong’
  • Left forearm: lion
  • Right bicep: ‘Always with you’
  • Left arm: Eiffel tower
  • Arm: a wave with a rose
  • Rib tattoo: ‘Strike’
  • Right leg: anchor, with ‘Adventure’ written
  • Right thigh: “Victory is on its way”
  • Index finger of the left hand: the initials of her boyfriend’s name
  • Right wrist: ‘Wing’
  • Right wrist: constellation Leo (for her dog)
  • Left side of the chest: Her dog’s name, Grace
  • Left side of the neck: ‘Live’
  • Right wrist: a bun
  • Left hand: ‘Dreamer’
  • Left torso: ‘Hamsa’
  • Right bicep: ‘Koi Fish’ in a Ying Yang form

Social Media Presence and Income details:

  • Instagram: @mrunu
  • Facebook: Mrunal Panchal (private)
  • Youtube: Gujju Unicorn
  • Twitter: @mrunalpanchal_
  • Net Worth: Rs. 50 lakhs (approx.)
  • Salary, Earnings, or Income: Rs. 3-4 lakhs per event/show

Mrunal Panchal garnered fame and success with her viral content on TikTok. She makes dance, makeup, lip-sync, comedy and acting videos on the world famous video platform TikTok.  She liked creating makeup videos and funny content. This paved the way for her influencer journey and she was crowned the best muser. Mostly, the source of Mrunal Panchal’s income is YouTube, acting, collaborations, and advertisements for brands. She promotes brands when not acting in viral videos or blogging about makeup. She has collaborated with famous brands for promotional purposes. Some of them are One Plus, SpoylApp, Burger Bae, Joker & Witch, Ceriz Fashion, and Facey App. Mrunal Panchal went to LA when she collaborated with her favourite brand, Too Faced, met famous Indian stars, and represented India on a global platform. Like many other TikTok celebrities, Mrunal Panchal is often seen sharing video screens with many people.

Makeup Portfolio:

While Mrunal Panchal started like all other makeup artists, with basic makeup looks for everyday and glam, she has slowly shifted her focus to more artistic pursuits. Her talent can be seen clearly in her makeup videos and her Instagram posts.


Mrunal Panchal herself had said in an interview that being a social media influencer wasn’t her original plan at all. Even her family members were unsure of her choice of occupation. It was with her hard work and the results it bore that she could convince everyone that she did right by listening to what her heart wanted.

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