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Abana Homes® Flowering Carmona Indoor Bonsai Live Plants – 4 Year Old 20cm


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Product Description


carmona bonsai flower
carmona bonsai flower
Highlights of the bonsai plant

Easy to maintain bonsai plant.
Decorative plant ideal for all indoor spaces.
Evergreen flowering plant – The blossoms stay throughout the year.
Grows in all weather and locations in India.

Product description

Carmona makes for a sparkling and delightful houseplant as a bonsai tree.

Carmona bonsai tree do not shed its flowers. The snowy white blossoms bloom throughout the year. This makes for a magical appearance sprinkled throughout the lustrous and glossy-looking leaves.

The leaves also have tiny white freckles which adds to the plant’s decorative nature. The bark has a texture highly reminiscent of the exotic Mahogany.

The bonsai plant comes in a stylish pot, which together weighs 3 kg. The bonsai plant along with the attractive pot has dimensions of 40.01 x 30 x 19 cm.

Style statement – Masterpiece and healthy curve-shaped plant developed by bonsai artisans in South-East Asia for a bold and unique home decor statement.
Blends everywhere – The plant goes great indoors in the living room and even on the study table. Choice is yours.
Flowering plant – White snowy blossoms add a charming appearance to the lustrous and freckled leaves.
Easy care – This plant flourishes naturally in India’s tropical climate.
Ideal gifting plant – Carmona bonsai tree is a popular gifting plant and it makes a great corporate gift.
Air-purifying plant – Cleans the air indoors of toluene and other toxins for a healthier living.
Auspicious plant – The healthy Carmona bonsai tree is a bringer of good luck and prosperity.
Beautiful pot design – Comes potted in a glazed ceramic pot.

How to take care of the bonsai plant?

how to water the bonsai tree

how to water the bonsai tree

Location Indoor bonsai

Location Indoor bonsai

Fertilizing the bonsai tree

Fertilizing the bonsai tree

Pruning the bonsai tree

Pruning the bonsai tree

How to water your bonsai tree?

Thumb rule of watering:

Touch the soil and if it feels wet, you don’t need to water it.
If it feels dry, you need to water it.
Whenever you water it, pour at least 1-2 liters of water, till the time water starts flowing out from the hole below the pot.

Where to keep the bonsai tree?


Place the bonsai plant in a shaded but well-lit area.
If possible, it should get broad daylight coming through the window or balcony. (not direct sunlight).
While keeping inside the office or living room or in any closed space, make sure not to keep it DIRECTLY below the ceiling fan or near a heat source. Keep it slightly aside.

How to fertilize the bonsai plant?

Fertilizing the bonsai:

Fertilize the bonsai plant once a month from March to September.
You can use solid organic fertilizer, or any natural nitrogen and phosphorus-rich fertilizer.
Like humans, plants also need food after regular intervals for healthy growth.

When to prune the bonsai plant?

Pruning and shaping up:

Spring and summer are ideal times for pruning the Carmona bonsai tree.
Prune the shoot down to its first two pairs of leaves when it grows to a couple of inches.
Remove any damaged or yellow leaves.

We don’t only sell the bonsai plants, we help you own it. – Vinni, MD & Founder, Abana Homes

Abana Homes Bonsai Team
Abana Homes Bonsai Team


You’re buying a live bonsai plants which grow with time. Like every other living being, the plant gets old, the old leaves get yellow, and they drop. Then the new leaves come and you keep pruning them to maintain the shape.

Growing a bonsai tree is like raising a child. It makes your smile whenever you see it. 🙂

This is a common phenomena which is true for every plant.

So, you should understand this and always keep in mind that it is a live plant. And it needs to be watered on intervals, and feed it. Our dedicated care team is available on WhatsApp to help you in every possible way to take care of the plant.


Excellent Home Décor – Living Room, Study Table or Study Table – Carmona Bonsai Plants fits everywhere in the house. It an indoor bonsai plant that flourishes well in Indian tropical climate
Easy to care. Watering: Maintain soil moisture. Fertilizer: Compost once a month. Change the soil/add more soil – Once a year.
Healthy, Auspicious and Charming – This Bonsai Tree is considered to bring luck, prosperity and happiness when brought home. Scientifically, it is great natural air purifier that treats harmful chemicals like toluene in air and makes the air breathable.
Air Purifying Bonsai Tree. 4 Year old Bonsai tree , Comes with a ceramic bonsai pot

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Abana Homes® Flowering Carmona Indoor Bonsai Live Plants – 4 Year Old 20cm


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