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Spooky season is upon us! Time to revel in all things dark, eerie, and satisfyingly scary. While the typical Halloween decor involves skeletons, spider webs, and creepy characters, we’ve got a stylish alternative that still looks amazing long after October: Halloween houseplants!


Bring the Spooky Vibes On Halloween with Haunted Houseplants 

If you’re looking for Halloween house decorations that aren’t made from cheap plastic and don’t require storage in a dusty bin for 11 months out of the year, you’ll love these haunted houseplants. With freaky shapes and dark moody colors fit for a haunted house, these delightfully devilish plants are the perfect element of attraction to your Halloween home display.  


Coral Brain Cactus

BRAAAIIINS: part of a zombie’s complete breakfast! This spooky specimen looks like it belongs in a mad scientist’s laboratory—a perfect Halloween houseplant! Like most cacti, the coral brain cactus is low-maintenance and doesn’t need much water. Wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering, and avoid watering the plant overhead; this will prevent moisture from collecting in its brainy crevices.  


Raven ZZ Plant 

This tough-as-nails ZZ plant has jet lack leaves just like a spooky raven. The best part is that it thrives off low light, so it will perfectly complement your dark and brooding Halloween display, even if you don’t have much window light. Dracula likes it better that way, anyhow! This low-maintenance houseplant is perfect for beginners. It is so hard to kill that it’s practically a zombie. The ZZ plant is versatile, scary gorgeous, and definitely worth adding to your Halloween display.


Spider plant-Platt Hill Nursery-Chicago

Spider Plant

Are you looking for Halloween house decor that still looks amazing throughout the rest of the year? Consider planting some spider plants in little black round pots. They may trigger mild feelings of arachnophobia, but their stringy foliage and adorable “spider babies” always put a smile on our faces! Spider plants do well in tiny pots because their roots encourage them to reproduce when the roots are crowded. After a year or two in its tiny pot, you can upgrade it to something a little larger in size.  


Carnivorous Plants

These mega-creepy houseplants are cold-blooded killers, but don’t let that scare you—they prefer insects to humans. Venus fly traps are a popular choice, and for good reason. It’s delightfully spooky to watch their little toothy “mouths” snap shut! Pitcher plants are another fantastically freaky option, with their big vase-like bug traps filled with digestive fluid. The care needs of pitcher plants are a bit more advanced than your typical houseplant, but their aesthetic touch makes them well worth the extra effort.  


Burgundy Ficus plant-Platt Hill Nursery-Chicago

Ficus Decora ‘Burgundy’

The blood-red veins and fleshy, deep burgundy leaves of this striking houseplant bring just the right amount of drama and darkness for Halloween. Ficus decora “burgundy” looks like it would be home in a haunted Victorian mansion—provided it gets bright enough, indirect sunlight to keep its color vibrant! 


Black Anthurium

Bring on the goth vibes this Halloween with one of our favorite flowering houseplants. Anthuriums are known for their distinctive flowers that feature a single petal-like spathe encircling a thick, golden spadix. The spathe is shiny like black latex, so if you’re planning on sporting a Catwoman costume this Halloween, the black anthurium will match your look!

Black Anthurium-newsletter subscribe button -Platt Hill Nursery-Chicago

Find all these and even more spooky Halloween houseplants for sale in Illinois by visiting Platt Hill Nursery. From creepy cacti, to carnivorous plants, and a cornucopia of colorful pumpkins, we have everything you need to get your house ready for Halloween here at our garden centers in Bloomingdale and Carpentersville!


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