Spring Bulb Garden Design Inspiration

Fall has arrived, and that means it’s time to plant those spring-blooming bulbs and exercise your creative inspiration in the garden! The good news is that there are many gorgeous color palettes and fascinating new cultivars to experiment with when designing a spring landscape. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got some winning combinations that will look beautiful in your 2023 garden, plus tips on getting as many blooms as possible. 


Maximize Blooms by Lasagna Layering Spring Bulbs

Have you ever tried the ‘lasagna layer’ method for planting spring bulbs? It’s a brilliant way to pack as many flowers into a garden as possible. Lasagna layering is especially effective for containers if you want to decorate your porch or patio this spring. Here’s how it works.


How to Layer Spring Bulbs

Essentially, the lasagna layer method involves stacking layers upon layers of bulbs in one space. Instead of positioning the bulbs directly on top of each other, adjust the alignment slightly with each layer so they won’t block the bulbs sprouting underneath; this packs far more flowers into a smaller space than planting a single layer.

Add two inches of soil onto each bulb layer to give your plants’ roots adequate room to spread. Depending on your chosen spring bulb combination, your flowers may begin to bloom all at once or in succession for long-lasting, non-stop color. If you’re opting for succession blooms, plant the late-blooming spring bulbs on the bottom, mid-spring in the middle, and early bloomers near the top. 


Try These Lasagna Layer Spring Bulb Combos in 2023 

These gorgeous themed combinations include timeless spring classics and some typical, lesser-known bulbs with fascinating features. Spring 2023 is about to get bulbilicious


Rose-Tinted Romance

Lovely pinks and rosy reds always bring a sense of optimism and charm to spring garden beds. These gorgeous spring bulbs are flaunting Valentine hues that send our hearts aflutter. 

Bottom Layer: Sweet Desire Double Peony Tulip

Middle Layer: Kissable Triumph Tulip

Top Layer: Pink Pearl Hyacinth



It’s impossible to go wrong with the classic red, white, and blue mix for your spring bulbs. This patriotic display has simultaneous blooms that bring bold, high-contrast color to the scenery. 

Bottom Layer: Red Impression Tulip

Middle Layer: Thalia Daffodil

Top Layer: Blue Jacket Hyacinth


Blazing Sunset

Fiery oranges and gold paired with rich magenta light up the landscape like a warm sunset. These simultaneous spring blooms will leave you starry-eyed! 

Bottom Layer: Jan Bos Hyacinths

Middle Layer: Dutch Iris “Tiger Mix”

Top Layer: Golden Yellow Crocus


Platt Hill Nursery-Chicago-Bulb Combinations for Spring- solid minimalist white theme

Crisp White Minimalism

An all-white floral display is serene, dreamy, and effortlessly elegant. Regardless of your home’s color palette, a white floral display will always complement the scenery. This succession combo will offer continuous blooms, with new flowers emerging immediately as the older ones fade.  

Bottom Layer: White Giant Allium

Middle Layer: Antarctica Tulip

Top Layer: White Splendor Anemone


Platt Hill Nursery-Chicago-Bulb Combinations for Spring- yellow sunset theme

Good Morning Sunshine

Cheerful yellow blooms never fail to brighten our day! You will love these sunny golden spring-blooming bulbs that grow in succession.

Bottom Layer: Beauty of Spring Darwin Hybrid Tulip

Middle Layer: Tete a Tete Boucle Dwarf Narcissus 

Top Layer: Cilicica Winter Aconite


Cool Jewel

Jewel-toned shades with cool blue undertones always add a trendy and contemporary feel to the garden. This spring bulb combination will pop, especially if your home is white or gray. 

Bottom Layer: Mysterious Parrot Tulip

Middle Layer: Hyacinth Aida

Top Layer: Scilla Siberica



Platt Hill Nursery-Chicago-Bulb Combinations for Spring-blooming yellow crocus


Explore plenty of more spring bulbs for sale in Illinois at Platt Hill Nursery! You’re welcome to ask our staff for even more recommendations on colorful combinations to plant this fall for a gorgeous garden in 2023.  


Platt Hill Nursery is Chicago’s premier garden center and nursery.

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