The BEST 30 organza dupatta designs: check them out!

Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. Many modern organzas are woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon. It is generally used for bridalwear and eveningwear. Given here are the best 30 organza dupatta designs for one to check out:

Deep pink floral:

The most common and popular kind is the deep pink with lots of floral prints almost covering the entire length. It is one of the best organza dupatta designs.

Mustard yellow solid:

Mustard yellow is a brilliant and beautiful colour, make up for bright and best organza dupatta designs.

Light pink floral:

This light pink organza dupatta has light floral designs only in the borders; probably one of the best organza dupatta designs in the list.

Red with gold:

Red and gold are a rich combination together and one of the best organza dupatta designs.

Mint green floral:

Mint green floral is a very soothing combination and is definitely one of the best organza dupatta designs.

Ivory floral:

Pink floral designs just bloom upon ivory organza dupatta designs and are truly beautiful to look at!

Navy blue floral:

The navy blue floral is a great look to match with as beautiful dupattas are available.

Black solid:

Black organza dupatta designs are truly a classic and absolutely gorgeous in their simplistic ways.

Canary yellow floral:

Floral designs on canary yellow look absolutely beautiful.

Ice blue with white:

Ice blue looks absolutely stunning as organza dupatta designs with white small patterns.

Fuchsia solid:

Fuchsia is a rich colour and looks really great as a organza dupatta.

Black with pink flower print:

The pink flower design blooms in contrast to the black organza dupatta.

Golden with zari border:

Golden organza dupatta designs are absolutely gorgeous, and the zari work elevates it all the more.

White floral:

The floral designs, especially in the violet and reds, are great on the white, and looks remarable. It is definitely one of the best organza dupatta designs.

Sage green solid:

Sage green is a calming colour and looks really pretty as an organza dupatta.

Light pink with golden embroidery:

The golden embroidery elevates the light pink organza dupatta, making it as one of the most beautiful organza dupatta designs.

Cyan solid:

Cyan is a bright and beautiful colour, and organza dupattas of this colour pop up the entire outfit.

Black and gold:

Black and gold are a classic combination and make heads turn always. Undoubtably, one of the best organza dupatta designs.

Peach floral:

The peach floral work looks great and very aesthetic overall.

Pink and blue:

The pink and blue compliment each other well, and the design is unique and aesthetic. This is definitely one of the most beautiful organza dupatta designs in this list.

Cream with embroidery:

The embroidery is subtle yet beautiful, making the entire look aesthetic, and it is definitely one of the prettiest organza dupatta designs.

Cornflower blue:

The cornflower blue is a soothing colour, and looks good with almost everything.


Hand-painted organza dupattas are charming, with their rusticness. It is really one of the best organza dupatta designs in this entire list.


Maueve is a very pleasant colour, and looks very aesthetic when paired with the same or contrasting colours.

Yellow with white embroidery:

Yellow with white is a very aesthetic combination, making this one of the best organza dupatta designs.

Tie-dye multi-coloured:

Multi-colour organza dupattas are funky, fun and cool to pair with suits.

Black floral:

The floral designs bloom upon the black colour and make it look very vibrant.

White with blue floral:

Very sought after print, the blue designs go well on a white base.

White with yellow floral:

The yellow floral looks very pretty on the white base, really popping it up.

Nude pink floral:

Nude pink floral organza dupatta designs, especially this one, is very aesthetic and beautiful to look at.


One must always check for the quality before buying an organza dupatta, along with the desired designs.

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