Top 30 different types of half sarees to have in your closet!

Half sarees are a version of the traditional Indian sarees and are prominent in the South of India. These are mainly called so because of the contrasting color of one half of the saree as compared to the other half. Given is a list of 30 different types of half sarees that are absolutely beatific:

Bridal red:

The perfect bridal wear, these types of half sarees are massively popular in weddings.

Purple and gold:

This is one of the most staple colour combinations in the types of half sarees, and looks beautiful.

Pink and green:

Pink and green half sarees look gorgeous and rich in colour and is perfect for all kinds of events.

Red and sap green:

Greena and red is yet another common but beautiful type amongst the types of half sarees available.


Maroon half sarees look beautiful and sophisticated, giving a look of grace.

Pink and orange:

Pink and orange form an interesting contrasting combination and is a much favourited combination amongst the customers.

Aquamarine blue and pink:

Aquamarine blue and pink are constrastingly opposite colours and one makes the other shine through.

Full violet:

Violet half sarees look great in receptions and other festive occasions, giving a royal touch.

Red and purple:

Red and violet half sarees are a common colour combination, and the contrasting colours form an interesting wear.

Off white and red:

Off white and red looks stunning together, and are very commonly found amongst many types of half sarees.

Pink and gold:

Pinks and goldens form a beautiful palette and anyone wearing these colours together is bound to look absolutely stunning.

Green and deep dink:

Green compliments well with pink and looks great. It is suitable for all kinds of festive events.

Aqua green and yellow:

Aqua blue is a very rare colour to be present in clothing and paired with yellow, it does look beautiful.

Grey and yellow:

Grey and yellow is a rare type of combination to be found in types of half sarees. It looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Red and cream:

Red and cxream is a beautiful combination and is just aptly suited for the brides.

Full pink:

This full pink half saree is one of the best types of half sarees in this list. It exudes a great vibe and is very feminine in its looks.

Maroon and Pink:

The velvet maroon and pink compliment each other and look stunning to be worn on an special occasion.

Orange and aquamarine blue:

Orange and aquamarine are a rare colour combination, and their contrast proves really effective in making it eye-catching.

Steel and pink:

The steel and pink colour combination is also another rare colour combination and is highly sought after.

Full blue:

Full blue types of half sarees are amongst the best in the list, and look absolutely aesthetic!

Mint green and pink:

TRhe mint green compliments the dark pink and look very [pretty when worn in any festivities.

Red and grey:

Red and grey compliment each other just right and half sarees in this colour combination look absolutely beautiful.

Vermillion and bottle green:

Almost like the red and green colour combination, vermillion and green brings out a different subtlety is this contrasting combination. It is rich and looks beautiful.

Cream and pink:

Cream and pink combination looks subtle and beautiful. It is for the ones who place grace over all others.


This is an interesting colour contrast with each piece being in different colours. It looks very eye-catching.

Blue and gold:

Blue and gold looks royal together, and these types of half sarees have been really popular lately amongst the customers.

Lemon yellow and green:

Sported by Krithi Shetty herself, this combination exudes beauty and grace in a simplistically gorgeous manner.

Full red:

This rich red half red half saree is also suitable for brides and newly weds. It looks absolutely gorgeous and is one of the best types of half sarees given in the list.

Pink and lime green:

Pink and lime green, although a rare combination match perfectly together and make this a stunning half saree.

Golden and mustard:

Probably the best in this list, it was saved for the last. It looks regal, beautiful, graceful and sophisticated. When paired with the right golden accessories, it would shine even more.


Half sarees are popular and easier to handle than normal sarees. They look stylish, trendy and totally in fashion at the same time.

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