Top 30 types of shibori long frock designs you should check out

Shibori is a manual resist dyeing method used in Japanese textile design that results in patterns. There are infinite ways to bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth, and each method produces very different patterns. Each technique has a specific goal in mind but is used to complement the fabric type. The shibori print dresses are well made and have qualities like comfort and durability. Shibori dresses are the cosiest, most attractive, and simple dresses and women of all ages love to wear them. It is the ideal attire for both formal and informal occasions. Check out these long frock designs if you want to try out new things with shibori clothing.

Shibori gold polka Long dress

This long frock is a printed dress in Shibori patterns. Cotton chanderi material makes up the clothing. With gold polka dot accents all over, it has blue and mustard yellow hues. It is fitted at the waist and bust and has a V-neckline. It is a beautiful dress for casual occasions.

Shibori dyed ruffled long frock

Shibori dyed ruffled maxi dress

This shibori maxi ruffle dress is a long frock. It is dyed naturally on rayon fabric. The designs are very eye-catching, making it look stunning on ladies. It has a scoop neckline and no sleeves, making it comfortable to wear. It is appropriate for casual and formal occasions and looks best with heels.

Indigo Rush Shibori long frock

Indigo Rush Shibori Gown

This Indigo rush shibori gown is a splendid piece you must have in the wardrobe. It is a cotton gown ethereally draped in shibori print. The colour shade is rani pink and lime green detailing is all across the hemline, pocket and sleeves.

Beach Shibori Tie-Dye Kaftan long frock

Beach Shibori Tie-Dye Kaftan Maxi Dress

This frock is a kaftan maxi dress with beach shibori tie-dye details. It has an elasticated waist for a comforting and easy fit for all body types. The georgette fabric is soft and relaxing with the handmade shibori tie-dye pattern looks gorgeous.

Cottonwood Shibori long frock

Cottonwood Shibori Dress

This beautiful dress is a Khara kapas cottonwood shibori long frock. It has a tie-dye pattern in the mustard shade in the cotton mulmul fabric. For a simple yet pretty look, pair with shoes and accessories.

Secret Flame free-falling Long frock

Secret Flame shibori free-falling dress

This secret flame shibori dress is a free-falling long frock. It is a cotton mulmul fabric that looks fantastic on young women. The contrasting colour of vibrant shades and flared hem enhance the beauty.

CLOUDGAZER shibori long frock

CLOUDGAZER shibori handloom dress

This cloud gazer dress is a stunning handloom shibori printed long frock. The black and white shibori tie-dye is the classic pattern loved by many. This piece is a cotton dress with a v-neck red collar and button detailing with side tucks and side pockets. It is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Popsicle shibori dyed long frock

Popsicle shibori dyed long dresses

This long frock is a popsicle maxi dress in multicolour. It is a tiered shibori pattern which a V-neckline and half sleeves for a comfortable experience. It also has side pockets for carrying items like rings, earrings etc. You can pair it with casual shoes for a chic and contemporary look for your day with friends.

Shibori Print Indigo long frock

Shibori Print Indigo High Neck Maxi Dress

This lovely long frock is an Indigo high neck maxi dress. The shibori print detailing on the dress is handmade and gives a unique vibe to the whole attire. It is a light and comfortable cotton fabric in indigo blue shades. It is perfect for get-togethers and college events.

Cowl Neck Shibori long frock

Cowl Neck Shibori Dress

This long frock is a shibori cowl neck dress. It has a high-low double-layered dress with contrast straps and a side hem. The fabric is vegan silk with a cotton mulmul slip inside have a soft and flowy drape. You can dress it up for a night out with your friends.

Lea Long dress in Shibori print

Lea Long Dress in Shibori print

This Lea dress in shibori print is every woman’s favourite. It is in silk crepe that beautifully glides around the body and enhances your curves. It has a v-neckline with smocked detailing on the waist, flattering for all body types. The gently puffed sleeves are the signature detail of the dress. You can style it for your special events with casual accessories.

Blue Shibori Cotton long frock

Blue Shibori Cotton Kaftan Dress

This blue shibori kaftan dress is in cotton material. It has beautiful block prints with a drawstring to make it stylish and has wide sleeves to give trendy looks. There are tassels attached at the end of the drawstrings. You can style it for your casual parties for a classic look.

Alpha Blue Shibori long frock

Alpha Blue Shibori Dress

This shibori printed dress in alpha blue is beautiful. It is in cotton material and the tie-dye pattern is unique and stands out from others. The sweetheart neckline highlights your collarbone. It is a stunning dress which looks gorgeous on young women.

Ethereal – Shibori Long frock

Ethereal - Shibori Long Dress

This ethereal shibori long frock is a lovely dress in white-blue hues. It is in a mix of fine cotton and silk fabric with a natural dye pattern. This frock will make you look so beautiful for your everyday events. It has a V-neckline with adjustable dori around the waist and 3/4th sleeves with pockets. This dress is a good choice for your holiday companion outfit.

Maxi Black Shibori long frock

Drisha Tent Maxi Black Shibori Dress

This frock is a beautiful maxi dress in a handcrafted shibori print. It is made in the softest cotton with tie & dye in black shade. It has a round keyhole neckline with a cord and pockets. You can style it with heels and accessories for casual events with friends.

Cotton Silk Shibori long frock

Cotton Silk Shibori Print Dress

This silk shibori printed attire is a long frock. It is an A-line dress in a tie & dye pattern that is suitable for everyday wear. Its fabric is a cotton silk blend that is light, breathable, and fashionable. It has a V-neck and double pockets and can be worn with jewellery and heels for special occasions.

Sophie Sun Shibori’s long frock

Sophie Sun Shibori Dress

This shibori long frock is a noir black maxi dress. It has a relaxed fit and flare features with a halter neck. The cotton fabric is light and stylish with a tie-dye detailing. It looks beautiful on every woman as it compliments the neckline and makes you look sophisticated. It is a good choice for casual and special events.

Mulmul cotton shibori long frock

Mulmul cotton shibori dress

This long frock is a mulmul cotton shibori dress. The pattern is a Khara kapas with shibori dye which is the highlight of this attire. It has a v-neck and side pockets. Pair it with flats or mule shoes and simple jewellery for a stylish and comfortable look.

Twirl & Show Shibori long frock

Twirl & Show Shibori Dress

This long frock is a twirl & show shibori dress. The cotton silk fabric with cloudy grey handwoven patterns is elegant. The v-neckline draws attention to the neckline and complements toned shoulders. It looks fabulous with statement jewellery and heels for your special events.

Shibori Pleated long frock

Shibori Pleated Dress

This shibori pleated dress is a long frock in a blue shade. It is a cotton fabric with tie-dye detailing that is stylish. This attire has mounted buttons which make you look stylish and elegant. It is suitable for special events like get-togethers, parties and the festive season.

Shibori Blue long frock

Shibori Blue Maxi Dress

This long frock is a blue shibori maxi dress. It is a soft, flowy rayon with a traditional tie-dye pattern. It has strings that are adjustable to fit any body type. This dress is suitable for casual parties and vacations with friends. You can pair it with flats and a clutch for a simple yet stylish look.

Green Shibori Asymmetrical Tier long frock

Green Shibori Asymmetrical Tier Maxi Dress

The Olive Green Shibori Asymmetrical Tier Maxi Dress is a long frock. It is a combination of grace and ease that every woman can try on. The hand tie-dye pattern adds to the overall look of the dress. It provides a stunning outlook of you at the event.

Shibori long frock in grey

Swati Bhargava in Shibori Kaftan Gown

This shibori long frock is a kaftan gown in grey and pink shades. It is an elegance combined with the comfort you must add to your wardrobe. The hand tie-dye pattern adds more details to the entire dress. It gives a stunning glimpse of you at the event.

Shibori Inspired Printed Long frock

Shibori Inspired Printed Long Dress

This long frock is a shibori-inspired printed dress. It is a knitted A-line dress in a v-neckline with a princess seam on the front and back. Women will look elegant in this beautiful dress. It is ideal for casual and simple occasions.

Olivia Dress in Shibori long frock

Olivia Dress in Shibori Adorning Print

This long frock is a summer wardrobe staple with a feminine silhouette and a flattering fit. With its gently puffed sleeves, tie waist detailing, and midi-length skirt finished with a fluted hem and front split, this shibori dress is sure to make a statement. For formal occasions, wear simple sandals and look elegant.

Shibori Kaftan long frock

Shibori Kaftan Gown

This shibori long frock is a kaftan gown. It is a good combination of elegance with comfort in grey and pink shade. It is a shibori gown which is a must in your wardrobe. To look outstanding, pair it with statement jewellery for your special events.

Pink Shibori Long frock

Pink Shibori Dress

This shibori long frock is a beautiful dress in pink shade. Hand tie and dye techniques to create the design details are unique. It is in chiffon, which is light and stylish for any woman. It is suitable for a gathering of friends and family.

Grey Shibori Tie-Dye Long frock

Shibori Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

This shibori long frock is a grey tie-dye pattern kaftan. It has a shibori style on soft and flowy rayon fabric. It has a v-neckline and wide sleeve which is both comfortable and stylish. This dress design is appropriate for a get-together with friends and family.

White Chiffon Shibori Layered long dress

White Chiffon Shibori Layered Maxi Dress

This shibori pattern maxi dress is a long white frock. It has layered flare styling with tie-dye motifs. It has a square neckline and no sleeves and looks great on women. The chiffon fabric is very light and comfortable to wear. It is ideal for casual events like get-togethers, parties and dates.

Shibori Maxi Halter long frock

Shibori Maxi Halter Dress

This shibori long frock is a maxi design. It is available in a teal shade which praises every body type. The shibori patterns are very tempting. It has a halter neckline and no sleeves, making it relaxing to wear. It fits casual occasions and looks best with heels and a clutch.


Shibori dresses are all fantastic and beautiful attire gaining popularity among young women. The main highlight of these dresses is the patterns formed after traditional tie & dye techniques. Each design is unique and different from one another. The vibrant colour palette complements every body type. From casual to formal, you can style it for any occasion and stand out in the crowd with statement jewellery and other accessories.

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