Turn Your Clothes Creation Hobby into a Clothing Line

Hobbies have never been as popular. Today, we mostly use the term DIY, to define them (Do it Yourself). The more you practice your trade, the better you get. And today, with the possibilities that the internet offer, everybody can sell their own creations. So, if you always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, here are a few tips that can help you develop your own clothing brand. 

Step One: Find a Name and Brand Your Clothes

The first step that you need to take, in order to start selling some of your clothes, is to find a name for your clothing line and identify each piece of clothes you create, with Wunderlabel clothing labels. They are easy to position on your clothes, as they can either be ironed or sewed on. This will make it simple for other people who like what you produce, to find your creations, later on. When you choose your name, don’t hesitate to simply use yours or a variation from it. It is often best in the clothing industry to be known by our own name.

Step Two: Open Social Network Accounts

If you want to be known, you have to be seen. The easiest way, today, is without a doubt by using the various social networks that are available online. Your first objective should simply be to exist on them. You don’t have to make it too complex. However, if someone looks for you, thanks to the clothing labels that you have placed on your pieces, it has to be easy. Therefore, no social networks should be left aside, even if you don’t plan to post too often on one of them. Here are the ones that you need to have, right from the start: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIN. Later on, you can also decide to make videos of your products. You will then need to open a YouTube account, which is the most viewed social network in the world. 

Step Three: Open an e-boutique

If you are getting ready to sell to the public, it means that you will need an outlet. There is no better one, at the beginning, than your own e-boutique. You will first buy a website address, which should consist of your clothing line’s name, plus a .com, at the end. If .com is not available, you can either choose an address close to your name, by adding a “the” in front (as an example), or another fun idea you will come up with. On this website, you will then create your own online boutique. At this point, things are getting serious. You will need to define prices, add shipping costs, and handle the whole thing by yourself. In other words, make sure that this is something you really want to push forward, because your hobby is about to turn into work.

The easiest way to publicize your clothing line, is by buying ads on social network. It will send people to the page that you choose, on your website, where they can view and buy your clothes. You are then on your way to fame (hopefully)!

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