Types of organza suit neck design you must check out

Organza is a light fabric with a fine texture. It has become popular among women for its garment because of its light-reflecting qualities. It is available in stiff crepe and silk textures. There are varieties of suits which looks good on every woman. Each dress looks unique because its neck designs enhance your overall beauty for special events. Check out this list of patterns as a reference for your organza suit design.

Keyhole neck design

The keyhole neckline has a key-shaped opening in the lower part of the front neck. It has gained popularity over the year with the glamorous appeal it adds even to the simplest outfits. This neckline goes well with the organza suit. The size and shape of the keyhole can vary depending on your preference.

Collar neck design

Organza suit with high collar

Collar neck designs are getting popular among young women. This type of neck has a lot of grace a d elegance for women who avoid exposing their collarbone directly. This neckline is versatile and suits every body type and season. It is ideal for workwear, college and formal events.

Crew neck design

crew neck organza suit design

The crew neck design is a perfect combination of fun and chic. It is chosen by women to look beautiful for their events. It displays feminine grace and modesty. This organza suit enhances your neckline with the entire attire.

The half bandh neck design

The half bandh neck design

The half-band collar neckline is for women who feel uncomfortable in closed-band neckline designs. It gives more opening to a v-neck in the front of the kurta. It looks classy and elegant on all body types. This dress is ideal for casual events like parties and get-togethers.

Mandarin Collar neck design

Mandarin Collar neck design

A mandarin collar neck design is gaining popularity among women for a fashionable glimpse. It gives a formal and sophisticated look. It is a must design and looks good on any fabric suit. You can style yourself for any occasion with accessories to be in the spotlight.

Tasselled neck design

organza suit in tasseled neckline

The tasselled neck design has a string or tassels that can turn a simple attire into a chic one. It adds a youthful charm to the entire dress. You can style yourself with this beautiful tasselled neckline suit for a gorgeous look.

Round neck design

round neck design organza suit

The most popular design for suits and Kurtis has always been the round neck. It flatters all body types. It’s appropriate for casuals, meetings, friends, and family. It highlights your neckline and makes you look gorgeous for your special day.

Boat neck design

boat neck design

The boat neck design is favoured, especially among younger women. It is a superb choice for normal to small-busted women as it enhances their upper body. It looks great in a casual and formal look. You can pair it with heels and accessories for an elegant approach.

Scoop neck design

scoop neck design organza suit

A scoop neck design is a U-neckline that is deep compared to standard. It has a whole bend that is deep and wide that mainly focuses on your collarbone. It makes your complete attire very elegant and gorgeous. You can dress for your special day and casual events with friends and family.

Tapered V-neck design

tapered v neck organza kurti

A tapered v-neck design is one of the most stylish options for ethnic wear. It adds details and chic style to a simple and solid shade garment. This type of neckline is a safe prospect for curvy body types. It enhances your beauty and makes you the star of your special day.

The high collar neck design

high collar neck design organza suit

The high collar neck design is the most classic pattern loved by women. It radiates sophistication and elegance. It looks marvellous on Kurti and ethnic suits. This neckline cover and perfect for women who avoids exposure. You can pair it with accessories like earrings and a clutch for occasions.

The Peter Pan collar neck design

peter pan collar for organza suit

The Peter Pan collar is as fashionable as other necklines. It gives your ethnic outfits a nice modern twist and makes them appear playful. You can make a more appealing charm by including a button. For special occasions, pair it with statement jewellery.

Square neck design

Square neck design organza suit

A square neckline is a very flattering and widely loved neck pattern for ethnic wear. It highlights your collar bones and gives attention to you. It makes you look graceful and refined. This dress enhances your body type well and is suitable for women of every age.

Halter neck design

halter neck organza suit

The halter neckline is becoming increasingly popular among young people. It adds elegance and style to a plain outfit. It will make you feel relaxed and ravishing. This dress is ideal for the summer and spring seasons.

Tie neck design

tie neck design organza suit

The tie-neck design is one of the necklines that are comfortable and chic. It is flattering to people of every body shape and size. It presents a sophisticated look without trying too hard. You can wear it to both casuals and formals.

Potli neck design

potli button neck design organza suit

Potli button detailing on the neckline that you can try with suits and Kurtis. It is very traditional and gives a different vibe to your dress. It looks simple yet classic. Those buttons can be in vibrant colours to enhance the beauty of the entire dress.

Plunge neck design

 Plunge neck design organza suit

The plunge neck design makes the best flirty outfit for any celebration and party. It makes you look sensual and stunning by complimenting your neckline and the dress. You can pair it with jewellery or a pendant and heels that will make you steal the spotlight.

Asymmetric neck design

asymmetrical neck design

The asymmetrical neck design is gaining popularity for the neckline. It was a new experimental pattern women of every age started loving it. Now everyone is flaunting and is very comfortable with it. The neckline makes you stand out in the crowd of your events.

Sweetheart neck design

The sweetheart neckline is a variation of a square shape neck design. The neck design is a square with a heart at the edge. It is a very feminine touch and makes you look adorable. It is good to wear for your casual events with friends. You can pair it with a piece of jewellery to highlight your collarbone and look stunning.

Angrakha wrap neck design

Angrakha wrap neck design

The angrakha wrap neckline never goes out of style. Adding a row of potli buttons will enhance the elegance of the neckline. The suits with angrakha necklines are suitable for both casual and formal.


The neckline of the dress is the main focus of its allure. Each neck design is unique and complements the needs of women. It transforms the beauty of a simple and basic kurta into a gorgeously dazzling outfit for your daily and formal events such as meetings, gatherings, dates, etc. You can save these ideas and try some of the designs on your organza suits.

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